Dear Participant,

The following survey is part of a PhD project currently being undertaken at the University of South Australia. The project is investigating the effects of exercise during chemotherapy on cardiovascular health and function in women with breast cancer. However, prior to developing and delivering this exercise program, we believe it is important to gain an understanding of women’s perceptions and beliefs towards exercise. We are interested in surveying women with breast cancer currently undergoing chemotherapy, breast cancer survivors currently in remission, and women without any history of breast cancer (please do not fill in this survey if you have a history of any other cancers). We strongly encourage you to participate so that we can appropriately design an exercise intervention for women with breast cancer currently undergoing chemotherapy. This will have a wide range of benefits for women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer by providing clear exercise guidelines that will improve health and be suitable.

This survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. The survey has up to 47 questions. All questions are multiple-choice. You will remain anonymous and your answers will be confidential.

You are eligible to complete this survey if you fall into one of the following groups:
1. Currently undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer
2. Breast cancer survivor currently in remission (completed chemotherapy treatment)
3. Women with no history of cancer aged between 40 and 70 years old.

After consenting to complete this survey, you will be asked to provide information relating to your current health status, age, and current physical activity levels. You will then answer multiple sections designed to provide insight into how you feel about exercise.

By completing this survey, you have the option to go into the draw to win 1 of 3 $50 supermarket gift cards of your choice. To register for this draw, please enter your email address in the section provided at the end of the survey. A summary of the overall survey results will also be sent to the email address you provide upon its completion. The email address you provide will not be linked to any of the data entered throughout the survey, ensuring the data you enter remains anonymous and confidential.

You can withdraw from the survey at any time without consequence now or in the future, by exiting the internet browser. All information entered to that point will be deleted by the survey administrator. However, please note, as we will not be collecting any information that allows us to identify you, we can not withdraw your answers once they are submitted.

Data Management and Privacy:
All data entered into this survey will be stored on RedCAP survey platforms, in two University of South Australia onsite data locations at City West Campus and Mawson Lakes Campus. Only the primary investigator will have access to the data, and your data will remain confidential and be anonymous at all times.

All information as a part of this study will be retained for five years and transferred to a University of South Australia secure archive upon completion.

It is not anticipated that there are any risks to participation in this study beyond those encountered during everyday life. However, if you do experience unwanted feelings and wish to discuss these, the following website links will direct you to services that can be of assistance.
Beyond Blue:

We intend to publish the results and present at relevant conferences. At all times, data will be un-identifiable.

Please note, data collected in this study will be used for future research purposes. The results will be used to form exercise guidelines, that will be implemented in an exercise intervention with breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. A further ethics approval will be sought prior to conducting this future research. Your data will not be identifiable at any stage, and you will remain completely anonymous.

This project has been approved by the University of South Australia Human Research Ethics Committee (#203189). If you have any ethical concerns about the project or questions about your rights as a participant please contact the Executive Officer of this Committee, Tel: +61 8 8302 3118; Email:'.

Participants or third parties who wish to lodge a complaint about either the study or the way it is being conducted should contact the Executive Officer of University of South Australia's Human Research Ethics Committee in the first instance, email: or tel: 8302 3118.

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Primary Investigator:

James Murray

We thank you for your time.

The research team
Mr. James Murray (PhD Candidate)
Dr. Hunter Bennett
Dr. Bec Perry
Prof. Eva Bezak.

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